Why don't you ask Tanya for help?

I am good at math.

'Welcome, O lute player,' said he. 'Where do you come from?'

That was Portugal.

She seemed very happy in contrast to the man.

She made up her mind to go to law school.

She has been mending since she entered the hospital.

Quite a lot of friends and acquaintances have come.

Compared with the level of a year ago, the price is sharply lower.

They couldn't help being surprised at the news.


The children weren't seriously injured.

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The song is familiar to us.

Care for a smoke?

We've achieved a lot in the past three years.

Kimmo has already gone to school.

The young girl wants to be famous like Nicki Minaj.


Can I drive the tractor?


She still alleges innocence.


He always repeats the same mistake.


No, it can't be! She can't be dead!

All my books are gone.

What did he do to you?


Let's go by train.

Most probably, she'll come.

Thirteen people were wounded.

I made my first contact with him there.

I'm glad I'm not you.

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Somebody called Hanry wants to see you.

Dory used her time machine to cheat on the exam.

Trevor lived from 1963 to 2013.


It's almost intermission.

How much farther is it?

How does a calculator work?

In the best-case scenario, life is just a sea of troubles.

I knew this day would come.

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What is the hardest language, in your view?


He's going to have a heart attack.


Everyone knows what happened next.

She poured the milk into a bowl.

Irfan is afraid that someone might kill him in his sleep.

We'll try to do our best.

He killed me with one word.

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It doesn't necessarily mean that you're right.

We use a lot of things.

Perpetual devotion to what a man calls his business, is only to be sustained by perpetual neglect of many other things.

Alfred couldn't explain it very well.

Pilar tells me you're smart.

I've come back for you.

The stomach pains went away.

This Rembrandt painting is a work of art.

I told you that I'd help you.

I was a grave digger for thirty years.

Taro weighs no less than 70 kilograms.

He was more loyal than I had guessed.

As far as he goes, he's not a good doctor.

It's your influence!

Jef works for Andrea's father.

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DNA is extracted from a blood sample.


The man answers the description.

Do you have a shekel?

Clearly, the rumor is false.

She must have been a pretty girl when she was young.

I've always been good at it.

List is as busy as we've ever seen him.

I hear you're selling your car. What do you want for it?


It's going to take about three hours.

It looks like there's no reception in this room.

Merat questioned Winston.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.

I'll stay.

How about inviting Agatha to our party?

I thought you'd want to go to Boston with Boyd.

There's graffiti on the walls.

I think someone's at the door.


Karen has been under a lot of strain recently.

That's an old tale.

I tried to give him some advice, but he just abused me violently.

My leg was broken in a traffic accident.

Have you ever wrung sweat out of your clothes?

Give me overseas service, please.

I'm fed up with Shatter's silly antics.

Are you sure you did everything you were supposed to do?

He keeps a store in Tokyo.

I told Bjorne that I'd be late.

You're dating Doyle, aren't you?

The police think the burglar entered through a basement window.

Change into your suit.

All my family were just crazy about baseball.

Wade squeezed the sponge.


What's Sandra's nationality?

I'll support you as much as I can.

I wasn't the only one who didn't know Darrell.

Add more water to it.

Joubert hasn't seen Triantaphyllos since they got divorced.

I read the book in my second year of high school.

That should make you feel better.

I'll wait upstairs.

Is that what you'd like?

Quitting smoking is difficult.

The boss tortured the workers with his criticism.

No one seems to have the guts to do that anymore.

"Do cats dream?" "Well, sure!"

The typhoon did great damage to the village.

Are you really only thirteen?

I have one more request.

Leave your umbrella at the front door.

It is not always easy to separate right from wrong.

I helped an old woman across the street.

She was a perfectly self-possessed child.

This is the player that scored every goal.

He could not go on the hike because he was ill.

Some people want to bring about amendments to the constitution.

I think that it's completely understandable if she turns down his offer.

We could've had some fun together.


The pat on the back was offensive.

All the children were sitting in a circle.

That means nothing to me.

This is why I dislike cats.

You've got to find out what happened to Hans.

Carlo has just opened a restaurant on Park Street.

His sweater is blue.

She has a claim on her deceased husband's estate.

Harry said I could stay with you.

Hotta often asks me questions.

He parted from me saying that he would see me the next day, but I have not heard from him since.

Raman is Hwa's father.

Elric went to a Hauptschule, but Nick went to Gymnasium.


I yelled for help.


We set out on our journey full of hope.


Children love cake.


Dominick was caught shoplifting.

I was just being hospitable.

What's that supposed to mean?

I need to speak with you alone.

We can't tolerate such an outrage.

Let's just enjoy this peace and quiet.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I left home without having breakfast yesterday.

Henry is the worst student in the class.

He confided in me things he would tell no one else.

This book may well be useful to you.

I am looking forward to seeing you again.

I went to the beach with them.

I was too glad not to jump up.

Isn't this illegal?

Kathryn, get ready for school.

I'm so disappointed by your attitude.

Why are you two fighting?

I can't agree with him.

We can't just act as if nothing has happened.

They believed he was honest.

I hereby declare the opening of the Olympic Games.

Will it be Saturday tomorrow?

It was lucky that you caught the train.

Would you hand me the screwdriver?

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Arnold knew there was a problem.

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The festival was far from dull.

It is very difficult to speak a foreign language correctly.

Can you remember where this all started?

Did you come from a musical family?

Why is Cindy still standing outside in the rain?

Doesn't that smell great?

We actually saw the accident.

Does it hurt much?

We have used our ration of coal for the week.


Knut put his feet up on his desk.

Anderson had no idea how tired Fay was.

He is as cool as ever after his divorce.

She helped her mother clean the house.

Myrick may be a genius.

Did you run into any bureaucratic red tape?

Tell Brender you want to go to Boston.

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Speak well of the dead.