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African Alliance Congress

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All South African citizens, 18 years and above, make sure to register with IEC as a VOTER

Founding President:

Dr. Convy Baloyi



Request: Use the above contact emails to tell us about yourself, where you are, and the role that you believe you could play through African Alliance Congress, in your community and in the Country.

Urgent: Send me views on what you want the African Alliance Congress GOVERNMENT to do for you when it assume office in the Republic of South Africa in 2019.

Undertaking: We will treat your feedback and identity with the utmost respect and confidentiality that it deserves.

Youth & Young: Organize yourselves at Schools and Universities, thereafter send us the information, we will come and officially recognize you as African Alliance Congress Student Organization (AACSO).

Churches: Organize yourselves as fraternal bodies or whichever way it best suites, give us the information and we will come and officially recognize you as part of African Alliance Congress Christian League (AACCL).

Labour: Organize yourselves as labour or workers unions and give us feedback and we will come and recognize you as African Alliance Congress Workers Union (AACWU).

Other: Organize yourselves according to the identity of your sector or profession and give us feedback, and we will come and recognize you as our own and move forward with you to a prosperous destiny for your sake and those of your constituencies.


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Please feel to contact us with any information or comment(s)

No one must be left behind!

The time for THIEVES of our Nation is running out!

Eyes have not seen, and Ears have not heard what South Africa is about to experience through the African Alliance Congress GOVERNMENT

Thank you for your precious time on this page

Yours in Leadership and service of South Africans

Issued by the Founding President:

African Alliance Congress

5 May 2017