No one will trust her story.

It is kind of you to do so.

Todd is well dressed.

Uri is a regular.

If you have an umbrella, let me join you under it.

If we see any utility in a plant, we help it to grow.

This is the hospital where Raj was born.

We should get going on that.

We're not going out.

The student approaches the teacher looking scared.

I think Hirotoshi will do well.

If John had of come, I needn't have.


Paul is in heaven.

Millie has blue eyes.

We have him!

As it was past 8 p.m. we called it a day.

The whole country was covered with snow.

Do I have to come home now?

I'm reading things like famous novels which have been rewritten in simplified French.

My uncle has a large family.

Touching the sky with glory.

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I'm so thirsty.

I think I married the wrong person.

Take Pam upstairs.


Carlos arrives at his office at around 8 o'clock.


Tears began to spill down her face.


They wish to rent it for how long?


You stay up until two in the morning. You're such a night owl!


I know what the next question will be.

I can teach you how to argue.

She was an orphan who lost her parents in a plane crash.

"Father! What happened?" "I saved Hyrule from Ganon's pit!" "Well done, Your Majesty... but father, what about Link?"

I want to be with you more than anything.


Johann has one kid.


You don't have to come see me.


They're afraid.

Time crept on.

Can you think of anyone who would've wanted to kill Carter?


Bryan opposed the measure.


The long discussion came to an end at last.

Please pay attention to what I'm saying.

Children are sometimes wild.

On the way home we stopped at a farm to look at the newly-born foals and calves.

What's the name of that store again, please?

In my pencil case, I have a rubber.

The applause grew to a roar when Pinocchio, the famous donkey, appeared in the circus ring.

I think it's about time we got down to brass tacks.

Mr. White has gone to Canada.


Peggy only saw Takao once.

My parents won't let me go out with boys.

Make sure you wash your hands well.

You don't need to carry lunch with you.

All the leaves on the tree have turned yellow.

The has known Pierce a long time.

You're not even sweating.

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I want to tell everyone.


Val's dog cowered under the kitchen table during the storm.


It was a cat starved to skin and bones.

The two laughed.

If I were you, I would quit my job and leave Boston.

Here I sit, deserted by all the world, I who am a king's daughter, and a false waiting- maid has forced me to take off my own clothes, and has taken my place with my bridegroom, while I have to fulfill the lowly office of goose-girl.

Some people caricature gay men as limp-wristed and speaking with a lisp.


Vijay came home filthy.

Stay for a while.

It's not shameful to be silent when you have nothing to say.

I am fond of cars.

Do you think I could talk to Miriamne?

Johan didn't want to tell Raja how old he was.

Do it while you can.

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The young guy wants to drink.

It seems that she is ill.

My family comes before my career.

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I tried again, but to no avail.

I'll be home after football practice.

After Reiner had eaten all the popcorn in the bowl, he went back into the kitchen to pop some more.

Now, listen to the doctor, or you won't get well.

The Umayyad armies invaded Spain in 711.

Kelantan is one of the states in West Malaysia.

Terrance is going on a picnic tomorrow with Seenu.

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She doesn't like it when I talk to other girls.

They looked up to John as their leader.

Kyu was handcuffed and shoved into the back of the police car.

Did you just call me fat?

I'm just lucky.

I guess that's all I need.

What size are you looking for?

She is about to kill me.

Ken shot Gerard.


When I was little, I wanted to have a pet brown bear to scare my neighbors.

She has a tight schedule.

He does things very slowly. It takes him three days to do one day's work.

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I'm not being unreasonable.

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She taught us singing.

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I suggest you apply for that job.

Did you sue Vinod?

You won't believe who called me today.

I didn't ask Lynnette that question.

Why don't we go and see her in the hospital?


Is that from Nigel?

Valeria wasn't hurt in the explosion.

It was not conclusive.

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I'm getting rid of all this junk.

Juha probably won't agree with your proposal.

I don't like it.

My printer's black ink is defective; it bleeds across the page if I touch it with my finger.

The discussions are still in progress.

I don't mind since I'm used to it, but the first guy who thought about making a hearse with a golden roof on top of it, he must have had quite bad taste.

The child is dirty.

I thought that you had already eaten.

Do you know who did this?


You are not the only one who is dead.

He has a thick neck.

You have to buy something.


We'll see you soon.

Did you go out last night?

In other words, we create time, we are time-makers, and we create it in order to do whatever we want to.

I am not tired.

I was in a good position to see the parade.

Let's hope it goes well tonight.

Those is dressed in black.


The trial was fair.

Every word is read as it's written.

Everybody's a little different.

Eating pleases me.

I'm not your type.

How much money do you owe her?

You should've known better than to put yourself in that situation!


I really need this.

The present is the only reality and the only certainty.

I followed her into the room.

Neither is beautiful.

Can I see you a moment in my office?

Is this good English?

Norman got Nicolas to help him paint the fence.


Neal got it done the right way.

We must fix this.

You never told me you had a brother.

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Detective Dan Anderson picked up another trail.


I haven't seen Sumitro in a long time.

You must take what Byron said with a pinch of salt.

I'm sure we have a lot in common.


Out of sight out of mind. When you're separated you lose touch.

Gardening is fun.

I visit the city yearly.

Can you at least look at me?

Indra could hear the phone ringing.


I promised to go over to Lucifer's two times a day to water his starts while he was away.

They just want someone to blame.

I didn't like the PM's speech.

That wouldn't make much difference.

Imagine being that baby!

This restaurant serves authentic French cuisine.

Heaven be praised! I come on time.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is incarcerated in prison on Rikers Island.

I'm quite busy.

Place this merchandise slip into the time stamp, and the date and time will be impressed.

Whoever stole the money should be caught, made to pay it back, and go to jail.

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He had to look after Ellen.


I am never home on Sundays.

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All my dreams will come true.

I grew up speaking French at home.

My yogurt expires in 2014!