The house is being built now.

Shutoku has gone to get help.

A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth.

Fred hasn't been home all week.

I've never had a problem with this car.

I don't want to lie.


She looked dazed with the drug.

He can write with both hands.

The ticket is valid for a week.

He always leaves the window open when he sleeps.

It must've been stolen.


The sound grew fainter and fainter.

He snapped his fingers.

Tell Revised to meet us at the subway station.

He turned out to be her father.

The color of that tie does not match the suit.

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Clark never seems to spend much time studying.


I think maybe you need my help.

It's a pity that Ben died so young.

Merat is having a crisis.


Think of your brother.

Do you object to my idea?

Janos's way of talking gets on my nerves.

In signing the Treaty of Tripoli in 1796, our second President John Adams wrote, "The United States has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims."

Lisa wants to know where you hid the key.

What're you smiling at?

The problem is that Lin doesn't know how to speak French.

I thought we could talk about Tal.

It is nice to be among family.


Javier blushed.


It's high time the children went to bed.

It's pretty easy to imagine.

No one knows why we were there.


Why is that road blocked?

This house has a solid foundation.

When was the last time you attended a conference?

I never should've got you into this.

It's time for you to get to work.

I really hope that Kristin will come back.

"No," Dima replied. "To help me buy this Armani. I'm dirty, remember?"

My uncle will have been in New York for two years next month.

Tanaka heard a voice behind him.

Ro never forgave me.

Mother transplanted the flowers to the garden.

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Aren't they Englishmen?


Let me ask you another question.


They walked along the street side by side.

She identified him as the murderer.

This is the shortest route to Paris.

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SOPA and PIPA are two bills in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate respectively.

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A dog controls its temperature by panting with its tongue out.

I don't want to disappoint him.

I don't like this camera.

Do you do double-entry accounting or traditional governmental accounting?

What a sad story this is!

Sometimes the boys would play a trick on their teacher.

My canteen is already half empty.

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You are my friends

It doesn't look like anybody's home.

She has finally recovered from her cold.

Why is Romain mad at me?

Edison invented the lightbulb.

Why are you still with him?

Lorenzo looks restless.


Your dream of becoming a baseball player will come true if you try hard.

He found me a good job.

Where is your child?

How old is that dog?

He hoped to see his son married to Son's daughter.

Anyone can see that.

Please tell me how to use laundry starch to starch things.

I would like to give him a present for his birthday.

What was the secret?


I have too much stuff!


I like dogs and my sister likes cats.

Miek was real hungry.

He bequeathed all his good sense to his son.

Are you a natural blonde?

Kamui no Ken was a sort of samurai/ninja story set during the transition of the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the re-establishment of Japan under the Emperor Meiji in 1868.

Jochen said he was utterly exhausted.

She showed him the photo.


I had an awful experience today, so I'm going to have a beer and go straight to bed.

An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.

Could you get me a glass of water, please?


Jane was about to leave the house.


I couldn't help laughing at his joke.

A queer notion of Grant Allen's came into my head, and amused me. If each generation die and leave ghosts, he argued, the world at last will get overcrowded with them.

I am economically independent of my parents.


I really don't want to sit in that room.

I assume you don't want this.

I brought mine.

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I ran out of the room without knowing what I was doing.

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Rain, rain, go to Spain // Never show your face again.

When she opened her eyes I was the first person she saw.

A beard doesn't make a philosopher, nor does wearing a cheap coat.

Alex and only Randall really knows what happened.

Are you a girl or a boy?

Don't leave your glasses on the table.

I will walk.


I'm delivering my portfolio later today.

The weather can be very treacherous at this altitude.

Just a moment ...


Gill wasn't happy to see Toufic there.

How big was your contribution?

She tried to put energy into her voice.

The king imposed heavy taxes on the people.

That would be even nicer!

He went to the beach, and looked far across the sea toward the horizon.

He handed her a sealed envelope.


She was injured in a car accident.

She felt a sigh of relief when she got the work done.

Rebecca asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee.


I've done crazier things than this.

There was a ship sailing on the sea.

Blayne wasn't discouraged.

Fundamentally, you're not practicing anything by translating, so even if you say that you can't do it, once you've set your sights on a similar sentence you've seen before that is more natural yet does not quite convey the original sentence's nuances, translation proves to be an act that is quite addicting.

In fact, this does not seem to be true at all, except in a very trivial sense.

There is an urgent need for more doctors.

Do you want my opinion?


Most Europeans cannot tell a Japanese from a Chinese.

Face the music.

Donn can sing some French songs.


How many times a day do you feed your dog?


The wifi isn't working for me.

Stop trying to make me feel guilty.

I want to go to the restroom but I'll restrain myself.

Nou's cuter anyway.

Finish cleaning the windows.

The flow of evacuation events from occurrence of a large earthquake to the conclusion of emergency counter measures.

Knapper is going to get better.

Give him an inch and he'll take a yard.

We were woefully unprepared.

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Christophe told Juri his father died when he was thirteen.


You ran into him earlier, didn't you?

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I feel bad about having made you wait so long.

Noam's office is two miles west of her house.

They graduated from college.


I don't want to let my emotions out.

Is this Sonisphere?

Vincenzo is a well-informed person.


I sat right next to Hotta.

On the street at night, Angus was threatened by an unfamiliar man with a knife and robbed of his money.

Malaclypse used to be interesting.

I'll see what's keeping them.

Arthur will be able to drive a car soon.

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Let Edmund have fun.

They dine at seven.

In case of an emergency, phone me at this number.

Would you take a message, please?

I am just warming up now.

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Marcos won't ask you to go out with him.


There's no sign of a struggle.


Your friend is correct.

I've never met a woman as stupid as you.

I see a bird on the roof.

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Israel put on his new shoes.


The land is clothed with woods.

After a war, always, the victorious side is right and the vanquished side is wrong.

I just want to go to heaven.